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Informing you, protecting you and ensuring that we always do the very best for you...

Few people 'like' to read the terms & conditions and even fewer still ever bother. But they are there to protect you as well as us; and in our case we just want to do the best job we possibly can every single time.

So here is a summary of the things that you 'really need' to know:
•  Please give us as much information about 'what' you want delivered and any potential issues such as 'parking' or 'special instructions' before we arrive. That way we can be prepared.
•  We will tell you how much; you pay the invoice and we will all try and be reasonable over any unforeseen circumstances that may arise.
•  Please let us know ASAP if you need to cancel for any reason... then we can service our other customers better.
•  We are fully insured! So you are covered if anything goes wrong (see section 7 below for the full amounts)

And here are our Terms and Conditions in full:

The terms and conditions under which we operate can only be varied with the agreement of the client and emtee van. In confirming a booking with emtee van you are acknowledging your agreement with the following terms and conditions:

1. Quotations: All estimates of how long a job will take can only be described as estimates, and hence the costs, are estimates only. You are liable for the full time that you use the service. If a fixed price for the job has been given this price may be varied if the quantity of goods has increased, subject to prior agreement.

2. Work Excluded from the quote: emtee van reserves the right to refuse the removal of items from parts of any premises which, in the opinion of our driver, constitutes a health and safety risk to either himself or other persons. If a driver concludes that the work cannot be carried out without damage to property or possessions but you (the client) wish for the work to be undertaken, you take full responsibility for the damage and therefore waive any right to claim against our insurance; as such you will be required to sign a copy of our liability waiver form.We will not under any circumstances remove any items that require plumbing or any other form of professional disconnection. All items you wish us to remove must be disconnected prior to the move and must be transport ready.

3. Payment: Our fees must be paid in advance of the service. If the service you have booked exceeds the time you have requested the additional charge is to be paid by the customer by cash or card to the driver on the day, where a receipt will be issued. Advance payments can be made via our website, where we use a secure paypal portal for all transactions.

4. Cancellations & fees: We will give our customers a full refund should you wish to cancel our service; although you must give at least 48 hours' notice to claim this. If bookings are being moved to another day the cancellation fee may be wavered at the discretion of emtee van. No refunds will be made if the service finishes quicker than the time you estimated via our website.

5. Parking: We will in all cases attempt to park adhering to parking laws and we will expect our customers to provide parking permits or payable parking tariffs where required. The quote provided is on the assumption that we will be able to park within 20 meters of the pick-up point (cost-free). If we are unable to do so, we reserve the right to revise our quotation. Our advice is that you obtain a parking dispensation, obtainable from the local authority covering each address. If the customer instructs us to park in an area not adhering to parking conditions set by the local council the customer will be responsible for any parking tickets issued whilst conducting work for the customer.

6. Route Navigation: All our vans are fitted with satellite navigation systems which our drivers follow to get to each destination. If you are aware of a quicker/shorter route please inform your driver and we will endeavour to follow it. Otherwise the driver will follow the route provided by the satellite navigation system and we accept no responsibility for how long the journey takes.

7. Insurance: Our vans are all comprehensively insured; plus we have an additional £10,000 accidental damage cover whilst your goods are in transit with emtee van. We also have full Public Liability insurancecovering up to £1,000,000. Any damage must be reported and verified immediately with the driver who will provide you with a claim form. You must notify emtee van of any visible loss, damage or failure to produce any goods at the time of delivery, as we accept no responsibility for loss or damage to property after a job is complete and our driver has left the premise.

8. Weather Conditions: We reserve the right to reschedule any bookings made due to extreme or hazardous and unsafe weather conditions.

9. Goods not to be submitted for removal: Unless previously agreed in writing by a director of emtee van or other authorised company representative, the following items must not be submitted for removal or storage and will under no circumstances be moved by us (these items may present risks to health and safety and/or of fire):

(a) Prohibited or stolen goods, drugs, pornographic material, potentially dangerous, damaging or explosive items, including gas bottles, aerosols, paints, firearms and ammunition.
(b) Perishable items and/or those requiring a controlled environment.
(c) Goods which require special licence or government permission for export or import.
(d) Any animals, birds or fish.


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